Flow layout

Also known as

CSS Flexbox, Responsive Layout, Wrap

FlowLayout displays items in a horizontal order and wraps them onto a subsequent row if they don’t fit within the defined width. It builds on top of the FlexLayout component and is best for small-scale layouts where you need to display components in a responsive row, such as a row of metrics or a filter bar where fields can wrap over multiple lines. For additional control of the size and position of content, use FlexItem for each content item inside a flow layout.

  • To build responsive layouts that wrap across multiple rows when there isn't enough space in the viewport.
  • For small-scale layouts within the application, such as a card in a dashboard displaying metrics or a header bar containing filter controls.
  • A flow layout will always wrap. If you want to create a layout in a row that doesn’t wrap, use StackLayout.
  • If you want the layout to have more complex customization. In this case, we recommend FlexLayout.

To import FlowLayout from the core Salt package, use: