Also known as

Glyph, Symbol

Icons are a visual representation of an application, a capability, a concept or a specific entity with meaning on an interface (e.g., a floppy disk to represent a save action). Icons help users to recognize and understand a concept or an action regardless of linguistic or cultural boundaries.

  • To aid recognition and help users make choices by providing context (e.g., an office phone number vs cell phone number in contact information).
  • When you need an interactive icon. Instead, use Button (call to action, primary or secondary variant).

To import an individual icon from the icons package, use:

To import the Icon component from the icons package for creating custom SVG icons, use:


Icons have a complementary icon style library for Figma, including icon design principles and creation guidelines. J.P. Morgan employees can enable the Salt Icons library from the Assets panel. External designers can install the library from the Salt community page.