Our components are built with accessibility in mind. Each one has comprehensive supporting documentation with usage guidance, examples and props. We’re constantly adding new components so check back if what you need isn’t available or get in touch if you have any feedback or requests.

In addition to the public libraries in the Figma Community, if you’re a J.P. Morgan employee, you can view the Salt component files in Figma when logged in to the JPMC network. They include accessibility and design specifications for each component, with designs for light and dark modes in all four densities.

Stable components do not feature an accompanying symbol in their navigation link titles. You can find them in the @salt-ds/core package.

The 🚧 symbol denotes components that are under active development. These may not function as expected and may change due to feedback. You should exercise caution. You can find them in the @salt-ds/lab package.

Salt is under active development and new components are released on a regular basis. Check out our roadmap to see what's coming next.