Core component

Also known as

Progress bar, Progress indicator

A progress indicator gives the user an understanding of how long a system operation will take. Use it when the operation will take more than a second to complete. Two components are available to accommodate different layout constraints: CircularProgress and LinearProgress.

  • When it’s possible to determine the length of time remaining for a task or operation to complete. This will reassure the user that it is being processed.
  • To provide users with a visual indication of the status of an operation, or how much of a process is completed.
  • When the operation will take more than a second to complete, to reassure users that the operation is in progress.
  • When a task or operation will take an indeterminate length of time to complete. Instead, use Spinner.
  • To indicate the loading of content on navigation. Instead, use Spinner.

To import the CircularProgress and LinearProgress components from the core Salt package, use: