Also known as

Loader, Loading, Progress
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Spinner is a visual representation of a process taking an indeterminate time to complete. Triggers include automated system processes, a user action or an indicator of content loading. Displaying a spinner reassures the user that the system is still working, especially when the operation takes longer than one second.

  • To indicate that content is loading and reassure the user that the system is still working.
  • For actions that you expect will take 1–9 seconds to load or for processes that will take an indeterminate amount of time to complete.
  • For actions that will run for a determinable length of time. Instead, use Progress.
  • For a process that is taking longer than 10 seconds to complete, as this is the point at which any attempt for a system to respond should finish, and a status message should display instead. For further guidance, view the Salt duration foundation.

To import Spinner from the core Salt package, use: