Status indicator

Also known as

StatusIcon, Status

StatusIndicator is a specialized icon that you can use to indicate a particular status (info, warning, error or success). You can use it on its own or within another component (e.g. Tooltip) to help convey a message.

Where possible, we recommend using a Salt component that uses StatusIndicator, such as Banner, Toast or Tooltip, instead of using StatusIndicator directly.

  • Use the info indicator when you need to highlight general information.
  • Use the error indicator when communicating a critical issue preventing the user from continuing or completing an action.
  • Use the warning indicator to inform users of an issue or potential issue related to their current task. Use this for issues that don't prevent the user from continuing or completing their task.
  • Use the success indicator to confirm that a user's action is successful.

To import StatusIndicator from the core Salt package, use: