Stepped tracker

Lab component

Also known as

Discrete progress indicator, Progress indicator, Progress stepper, Progress steps, Screen flow, Status tracker, Stepper

SteppedTracker visually communicates a user’s progress through a linear process. It gives the user context about where they are in the process, indicating the remaining steps and the state of all steps. It can communicate new information, errors, warnings or successful completion of a process or task.

  • When there are separate steps within a process, such as a wizard or a multistep form.
  • When you want to split a process into distinct, bite-sized sections that are less daunting than lengthy forms.
  • When there are fewer than three steps in a process.
  • As navigation; users cannot interact with the steps.

Stepped tracker labels never truncate, only wrap. Therefore, ensure they're short and self-explanatory.

To import SteppedTracker and related components from the lab Salt package, use: