Toggle button

Also known as

Button group, Toggle button group, Toggle group, Segmented control

ToggleButton is a two-state button that the user can turn on or off. The corresponding action takes effect immediately. With ToggleButtonGroup, users can make a mutually exclusive selection from a set of related commands—with only one option selected at a time.


The basic ToggleButton allows users to switch between two states.

Use icons and text in toggle buttons if it's important to visually reinforce the theme of the options or if providing additional context may help decision making (for example, selecting a document type or a text style).

Pass aria-hidden={true} to the icon so the screen reader doesn't announce its text description.

  • To reduce visual noise and mitigate alignment issues, use icons in toggle button labels consistently across all options in a toggle button group.
  • Icons are placed to the left of the text only to describe the button.