Welcome to Salt

Salt is the J.P. Morgan design system, an open-source solution for building exceptional products and digital experiences in financial services and other industries. It offers you well-documented, accessible components as well as comprehensive design templates, style libraries and assets.

Salt is the next-generation version of the established internal J.P. Morgan UI Toolkit design system, which has been used to build over 1,200 websites and applications to date.

In time, as a full-service solution, Salt will be the vehicle for digital delivery of a universal design language—with best-in-class business patterns, content and accessibility guides, tooling and adoption resources.

Start using Salt
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What to expect

  • Step-by-step installation guides
  • Comprehensive migration resources for J.P. Morgan teams
  • Components and patterns that are tested against WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Theming and rebranding support
  • Responsiveness as standard
  • Hooks, utilities and design tokens
  • Modular building blocks
  • A lightweight, efficient codebase

In a nutshell, we’ve done this before.

The team behind Salt created the J.P Morgan UI Toolkit, a design system that’s used and trusted by internal product owners, visual and UX designers, developers, content specialists and more.

The UI Toolkit has a proven track record of increasing efficiency, ensuring design consistency and driving significant cost savings for product teams. It provides a robust component set, business patterns and sample apps as well as usage, design, content and accessibility guidance. All of this work is the foundation on which we plan to improve and migrate to Salt.

Eventually, Salt will provide everything you need to create consistent, fully accessible, beautifully designed user interfaces.